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Gnome Sweet Home Daycare!


​     At Gnome Sweet Home Daycare, we strive to make your little treasure feel at home away from home, by providing a patient, nurturing environment which blends the comfort and reassurance of home with exciting learning activities, engaging educational materials, and a variety of developmental opportunities for your child to learn, grow, and thrive.  Along with our inspiring learning environment, our program also allows more one-on-one attention for your child due to our smaller class size.  We also provide lessons for preschool preparation to help foster early learning and build the educational bridge necessary for an easy transition to the world of school.  We have exciting games, activities, and an array of resources to encourage your child's natural curiosity about the world.  We love helping to make learning magical and education fun for your little one!

Rates & Options :

Half Days:

4-5 hours of childcare

1 yr: $26 daily

2-3 yrs: $25 daily

4-5+ yrs : $24 daily

Partial Days:

6-7 hours of childcare

1 yr:  $32 daily

2-3 yrs: $30 daily

4-5+yrs: $28 daily



Full Days:


8-10 hours of childcare
lunch & snack provided

1 yr: $42 daily

 2-3 yrs: $40 daily

4-5+ yrs: $38 daily 

License # 125407353

At Gnome Sweet Home Daycare:

     Our program provides an inviting, educational environment, building towards school preparation, with educational circle time, hands-on learning activities, and a range of arts and crafts opportunities, musical enrichment activities, and educational toys, puzzles, and games.  Our home provides a nurturing, safe, supportive environment where children can express their creativity and learn new skills.  We enjoy making learning magical and education fun for your little one!


We currently have openings for:


Ages 18 months - 5 years


Options for:

Half Day, Partial Day,

or Full Day

(707) 273-3043